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We have worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations, many of them high profile leaders in their field. We like to get to know our clients, their staff and their values and ultimately become part of the team – that way, we can better understand their PR needs and deliver the best results for them.

We work across a range of sectors. The following examples illustrate the extent of our versatility.

Care Homes
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We have supported the ABB since June 2016. Working as part of their in-house PR team, we are responsible for delivering the ABB’s media and stakeholder communications strategy, driving responsible gambling campaigns and building constructive relationships between the industry, the business community, charities and community groups. In this role, we regularly meet with Members of the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments, Cross Party Groups, Ministers and Special Advisers. We have also been at the forefront of enhancing the ABB’s digital profile, developing a new Scottish website, producing online video content and devising campaigns for social media.

Our achievements include the delivery of a neighbourhood responsible gambling campaign in Inverness, a six month educational outreach project reaching 3,000 young people in Scotland, a partnership with Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness and funds to help combat the disease, and a campaign in betting shops to tackle gender based violence. The latter two campaigns have been shortlisted in the 2019 Business Charity Awards.


“Donald has been extremely proactive during his time with ABB; he understands the Scottish media and political landscape extremely well and, more importantly, is able to navigate it effortlessly. Although new to our industry, he quickly got to work developing a distinct Scottish identity for the ABB and has successfully raised our media profile and built relationships with industry partners, business groups and the voluntary sector. His contribution has been invaluable.”

Malcolm George, Chief Executive, Association of British Bookmakers (ABB)

“Donald worked closely with the team at Prostate Cancer UK to bring about an awareness and fundraising campaign in betting shops. He has been an enormous support, opening doors for us and going the extra mile to ensure our message reaches the largest possible audience. Without his support this partnership would not have happened.”

Kathleen Feeney, Volunteer Engagement Manager, Prostate Cancer UK

“Donald is an effective ambassador who works hard to build lasting relationships. In a relatively short time with ABB, he has changed attitudes towards the gambling industry by forming meaningful partnerships and through his ability to clearly and effectively communicate the industry’s core messages.”

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer, Scotland's Towns Partnership
Care Homes
Travel & Tourism

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